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Educator Mat

This folding mat has a unique design of a multi layer foam core that offers both cushioning and absorption while also providing stability. Count on the unique construction of our folding panels and quality materials to deliver a product that offers performance and longevity.

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  • The Educator offers the ultimate working/landing surface combining a thin layer of polyurethane, which gives a cushioning property over top of a firm polyethylene foam layer.
  • Features include a 0.61 kg/sq.m. (18 oz/sq.yd.) fire resistant vinyl covering a 100 ILD 1 in. polyurethane foam fused to 1¼ in., 2 lb crosslinked polyethylene foam, for a full 2¼ in. mat thickness.
  • This soft/hard combination result in a surface that is ideal for youth programs, selfdefense training, recreational climbing and transitional training where the athlete is building to levels of greater difficulty.
  • Accordion style folding mat offer a practical solution for transport and storage.
  • The 51 mm (2 in.) wide Velcro option is available at ends or on 4 sides to create expanded working surface areas.
  • Use these mats in conjunction with our Velcro wall hanger (MODEL: 1-62) to create removable wall padding.
  • Full range choice of color.

Material Properties

  • 0.61 kg/sq.m. (18 oz/sq.yd.) polyester reinforced vinyl.
  • 100 ILD polyurethane foam fused to 2 lb, crosslinked polyethylene foam.
  • 10.5 kg (23 lbs) test nylon thread.
  • All seams double sewn.
  • First grade full 2 in. wide Velcro.


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