Bumper Log and Cradle Set thumb

Bumper Log and Cradle Set

Used together as the log jammer sequence with the unique nylon harness or with the cradle set to create challenging safe sequences for toddlers to explore and develop gross motor skills. Individually the soft log shapes allow children to safely experience crawling, rolling and balancing.

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Product tags: Padding (33) , Foam Shapes (15) , Tike Site (15)

Constructed soft play foam shapes used as development tools for toddlers to discover gross motor skills. Design conforms to safety standards and tested durable materials are used to deliver a resilient hygienic product that will be longlasting.


Material Properties

  • 18oz. polyester reinforced vinyl in bright primary colors, abrasion resistant with easy wipe quality;
  • 44lb. ILD 1st.grade virgin polyurethane foam;
  • 23lb. test nylon thread;
  • All seams are inverted and cross-stitched;
  • Full 2" wide velcro flaps;
  • Concealed YKK zipper


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