About us

Roy S. Hamilton founded Seaway Plastics Ltd in 1964 to become the sole Canadian manufacturer of the unique classic wrestling mat. This mat required a controlled PVC liquid paint process applied to PVC rubber nitrile foam on surfaces that were typically 164sm in size. Mastering this complex manufacturing process lead to a continual addition of exclusive and traditional uses of foam applications to padding and matting for absorption & deceleration of energy forces. In 1966, the company introduces the brand name of QUED® to identify its growing product line.


In 1969, the company added gymnasium divider curtains to its product line and an association with Hussey Seating in North Berwick, Maine increased the market share to extend south of the border. Seaway Plastics Ltd acquires a factory in Malone, New York in 1972 to increase the manufacturing capacity of the facility in Lachine, Quebec. The Hussey/Seaway association lasted until 1983 when Hussey decided to withdraw from the divider market to focus solely on its bleachers. Seaway Plastics expands its product line at this time to include all facets of manufacturing divider curtains, introducing innovative ideas such as divided drive shafts that were quickly recognized as the preferred system.


In 1974, QUED® Brand introduces its netting line which broke new ground by providing large protective nets that were polymer coated nylon and polyester. Today QUED® Brand nets remain an industry leader for exceptional qualities of strength, extreme panel sizes, FR coatings and choice of color.


Roy or Dick, to all that know him personally, has created a company whose founding principle of innovation is always on the agenda. Many inventive concepts have ensued through the years and patented designs have been sealed to protect some of the more critical concepts. In 1994, the first of 8 patents was approved and forged the company as the industry leader where seemingly impossible challenges could be met.


The company’s core vision while organically inventive has always been about delivering the most effective quality products to sustain a lasting customer relationship that is equally trustworthy and respectful.