Filet de Volleyball "America's Cup"

The new QUED Volleyball Net boasts a patented design that is quickly becoming popular for it's many features. The 1 piece construction is completely integrated; net body, top and bottom bands and steel cable, all permanentaly captured in the aluminum posts. This net delivers consistent rebound, is fully reversible, is extremely long lasting and easy to install. Sold by sq.ft, please call to order 800-361-0464, ext 28.

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The one piece design with uniform net tension yields a consistent rebound set making this volleyball net a fast and efficient installation. The net construction is all durable materials tested to withstand extreme tension load. For maximum performance, look QUED's America's Cup Volleyball Standards.

Material Properties

  • 3.4mm black died knotless nylon;
  • 22oz. white vinyl coated polyester top and bottom bands;
  • 3,000lbs.test steel cables through top and bottom bands permanentaly captured through aluminum side posts;
  • Extruded white aluminum side posts;
  • Durable;
  • Fully reversible design;
  • 1 meter width;
  • Standard lengths 30', 31', 32';
  • Custom lengths available.


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